Durable Foam Choice

  • Winboss NBR rubber foams are made from high-end hybrid materials. They provide high durability and are far superior to other materials in shock absorption, insulation, cushioning, floatation and acoustic absorption.
  • The most important reason why customers favor Winboss foams is because Winboss foam products are highly resistant against chemicals and fuels as well as against extreme temperatures.
  • Not only works perfectly with high temperatures, NBR foam also provides outstanding performance for hydrolytic stability than PU & SBR foam, it is widely used for marine and water products.

Environmentally choice

  • Pure PVC foam is much harmful than NBR foam for environment.
  • With Non-Phthalate technique, WINBOSS NBR foam is CFC Free that is much friendly than other material.
  • NBR has much lower carbon footprint than EVA, PE. Helps decrease carbon emission and known as an eco-friendly material for earth.

Softer & Elastic choice

  • NBR foam is much softer and elastic than PVC, EVA foam.
  • Winboss NBR foam is considered the most desirable flotation foam in modern use. Light, supple lastingly buoyant.
  • The premier, high-performance, elastomeric closed-cell foam choice.
  • Continuous rolls

Process Advantages

  • Flexible thickness option
  • High compatibility with most of foam materials
  • Colorful dipping system
  • Diverse processes: die cutting, adhesive, laminating/with fabric, trimming, water jet, skiving, sewing & dipping.

Multiple-dipped Technique

  • NBR foam are available dipped with vinyl coated, which brings much more application for WINBOSS NBR Foam
  • WINBOSS coating foam could be applied to Pool Recreation, Martial Arts, Working Vest, EMS Items, Garden Pads…etc.
  • With triple‐dipped vinyl coating surface, NBR foam earns great performance on UV-resistant, anti-bacterial and outstanding resistance of chlorine, chemical, sun and salt water. (ASTM-G21 & AATCC 16.3-100 Hours)
  • Long life temperature tolerant foam won't become brittle like ordinary molded rafts or pool lounges.