Single Ski Belt

Spec (S) 27 x 5"
(M) 30 x 5"
(L) 35.2 x 5"
(XL) 38.5 x 5"
Thickness 1.1"
Texture Flat-Glossy
Available colors Red/Orange/Sky Blue/Navy Blue/Grass Green/Powder Green/Purple/Black/White
Printing Customized Design

Winboss Ski Belt can be used in either recreational and exercising purposes. With high elasticity of Winboss flotation foam, Winboss Ski Belt is not only durable but confortable for users when skin contact.

Colors, styles and printing of Winboss Ski Belt are optional under customer's design.

Winboss Ski Belt is popular in indoor swimming pool and outdoor beach training and exercising device markets.