Vinyl Dipping

Winboss has unique vinyl dipping technology that can enhance foam specifics for outdoor finish goods.  With Vinyl dipping, our products have higher durability as following advantages, even under sunlight and extreme temperature.

  • Easy to clean
  • Anti-ultraviolet
  • Anti-bacterial

Vinyl dipped foam is widely used on recreational products, such us pool float, pool noodle, poolside seat etc. Moreover, it is also commonly applied on work vest for industrial purpose.


Skiving is common process in foam industry. Purpose to skive the foam is to ensure quality matching buyer’s request: control the thickness and clean the skin of the foam.

Winboss has many different skiving machines for varies sizes of foam.


  • Foam Laminating
    Winboss has foam laminating machine to increase the thickness of foam to reach buyer’s demand. Glue used to laminate the foam is certified as stable and safe material.
  • Fabric Laminating
    For medical and appearance purpose, Winboss NBR/PVC foam can be laminated with fabric. Buyers may choose colored fabrics in accordance with marketing demand for remarking size information on finish goods. Moreover, our isolation foam is applied for component of fire protection garments. Combined with fire-proof fabrics, the garment can be enhanced to have capability to meet firefighting standard.
  • Tape Adhesive
    For industrial purpose, our insulation foam is widely laminated with adhesive tape. With adhesive tape, it is commonly used for industrial tubes or machines, which can cover high temperature surface of device and avoid hurting workers while accidentally touching.


Winboss has trimming machines to cut the foam in various rectangular sizes to match buyer’s demand. Taking advantage of our trimming process, buyers not only can economize the shipping fee but also be more convenient for their follow-up production process.

Besides, Winboss also has waterjet machine to cut the foam as samples for potential customers.


With soft and durable specifics, Winboss foam can be stitched to become diverse 3-D shapes. With stitching process, the foam can not only retain its excellent physical properties but also keep the shape required. This process is widely specified in body-close devices or accessories for medical and sporting protective purposes.

Die Cutting

Winboss foams are die-cut into diverse shapes for various industries. Bigger to smaller finish products such as pool floats, medical beds, life jackets, backpack cushions, body protectors, kneel pads, and keychains are all manufactured through die-cut process.